Harvey Hadden Sports Village

An ideal site for solar energy generation in Nottingham

The Customer

Harvey Hadden Sports Village is a state of the art leisure centre in Nottingham their offering includes, gym and fitness studio, Olympic sized swimming pool, sports halls, and much more. The site has provided sporting facilities to local citizens for over 25 years and recently underwent an innovative £16m redevelopment. Harvey Hadden is a popular leisure centre seeing an average footfall of 35,000 visits per month.

The Challenge

Like all leisure’s centre Harvey Hadden has a large energy demand. Its owner Nottingham City Council is facing both budget pressures and a stretching climate change target to reduce carbon emissions from its operations. The leisure centre has undergone extensive energy efficiency programmes to reduce energy use with many energy reduction opportunities fully utilised the centre needed to consider generating its own energy to seek further cost reductions.

Car Park

The Solution

Harvey Hadden is a large site with available rooftop space and car parks making it an ideal site for solar energy generation. Energy Services have delivered two solar projects for the leisure centre. A 200 kWp roof solar panel system and the UK’s first publicly-owned solar car park a 67 kWp system. These PV systems were installed without any disruption to the day-to-day running of the popular leisure centre. Since generation started Harvey Hadden has regularly benefited from 100% off grid energy through the summer.


The Experience

A full inspection of the roof was undertaken to ensure the longevity of the structure before installation, this identified a corrosion issue which Energy Services helped the centre solve. Health and safety measures were also taken to ensure the busy site caused no risk to members of the public using facilities.

In addition the canopies offer shade against the sun and rain and have improved the quality of the car parks for the customers.

Having Solar PV will protect the leisure centre against electricity bill inflation and help Nottingham City Council continue to meet its climate change targets.

Project Specification

Total kWp: 200.2

Number of panels: 715

Estimated generation (kWh): 109,712

Carbon savings (Tonnes): 49

Percentage reduction in imported energy demand: (up to) 100%

Installation cost: £188,600

Annual bill savings: £20,000