Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS)

Encourage large organisations to save energy

Implemented by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations 2014, ESOS aims to encourage large organisations to save energy and in turn money by assessing energy usage of supplies to buildings, transport and industrial processes.

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Under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Regulations 2014 (SI 2014/1643) companies who meet the criteria set out below are required to:

  • Measure total energy consumption (a full years data, including the qualification date of 31st December 2022);
  • Conduct audits to identify cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities; and
  • Report compliance to the appropriate national scheme administrator – the Environment Agency in England.

Our officers will work with you to organise a site visit, conduct the survey and produce the report in a compliant and timely manner.

Qualification criteria

The qualification criteria for the third compliance period is a business who either:

  • employ 250 or more people
  • have an annual turnover in excess of £44 million, and an annual balance sheet total in excess of £38 million

Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme Cost

We offer a free informal consultation meeting to scope what your company requires and provide a detailed personalised quotation based on the outcomes of this meeting. We offer competitive rates and are flexible to meet your needs.

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“The decision to appoint Nottingham City Council to support IKANO during the introduction of Phase 1 of ESOS was well justified. Their communicative, well-timed, and structured process helped minimise the workload to help meet the Environment Agencies requirement. This continued through Phase 2 with the same approach and value for money structure. So much so we are happy they can continue as we reach Phase 3” - Stephen Horgan, Facilities Manager at IKANO bank

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