SAP and BRUKL Part L assessments

On-construction commercial and domestic assessments

EECT are qualified to deliver on-construction commercial and domestic assessments. We can assess designs to provide SAP calculations and provide recommendations for improvements with specific targets in mind by the architect.

On Construction Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (DOMESTIC)

New build dwellings and properties that have been converted to residential dwellings require a SAP (standard assessment procedure) Calculation to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations Part L1A/L1B in England & Wales, or Section 6 of the Scottish Building Standards.

SAP Calculations determine the overall energy cost of the proposed property by assessing the thermal efficiency of the build, as well as the energy requirements from heating, lighting and hot water provision to the property.

The assessment also calculates predicted annual carbon dioxide emissions, which needs to meet a given Target Emission Rate in order to comply.

Our fully qualified On Construction Domestic EPC assessors are able to undertake the necessary analysis and SAP calculation work for building designs and provide a rating and related certification measuring the property’s energy efficiency and providing details of how the property’s rating and SAP calculation could be improved.

SAP Calculations should be completed in two stages:

Design Stage (prior to works commencing) - devise a build design that meets requirements,

As-Built Stage (following completion of the works) - the design calculations will be upgraded and an On-Construction Energy Performance Certificate generated.

The finalised SAP reports and On Construction Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) are then submitted to Building Control as part of the completion process and for the subsequent sale or let of the property.

Regulatory requirements

All new build dwellings require SAP calculations demonstrating compliance with Part L1A Conservation of Fuel and Power of the Building Regulations in England & Wales or Section 6 of the Scottish Building Standards, in order for the new property to be signed-off, marketed and sold / rented.

BRUKL (Building Regulations UK Part L) (COMMERCIAL)

With all New Builds (Non-Dwellings), Architects and Designers now need to demonstrate full compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document L2A regarding CO2 emissions, before any new building is signed off by Building Control. We offer a BRUKL Report service that helps surveyors determine if new properties are in line with part L of the Building Regulations (UK).

BRUKL reports are issued at design stage and show predicted results, based on specification of designers. Once the property has been built an “as built” report is produced to reflect the completed building, in addition an EPC is produced following verification.

The stages are in line with domestic services; an assessment of designs stage (pre-construction) and an as built stage (post-construction).

Regulatory requirements

Part L is a direct outcome of the government’s Energy White Paper commitment to raising the energy performance of buildings by limiting heat losses and excessive solar gains and ensuring that energy-efficient fixed building services are installed and that the building owner is provided with the information required to maintain the building and its services.


All services are based on quotation, number of properties and related designs will be calculated to generate staff time assessments.

Services can be charged as a whole package or in phases (pre-construction/ as built).

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