Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Report UK companies energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions

Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) was introduced in April 2019 for large quoted and unquoted companies to report their UK energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions relating to gas, electricity and transport fuel, as well as utilising an intensity ratio and supporting information of energy efficiency action taken throughout the reporting period.

How it works

Our fully qualified assessors are able to undertake the necessary data analysis and work with you to complete your SECR report ready for your submission to Companies House in line with your companies financial year.

The Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) places obligations on eligible companies to:

  • Calculate total UK energy consumption (electricity, gas and transport)
  • Calculate UK greenhouse gasses (scope 1&2 – scope 3 for large UK Companies + LLPs)
  • Utilise at least one carbon intensity metric within the report
  • List of efficiency actions taken within compliance period
  • Provide a narrative explaining methodology used to base report
  • Previous years energy usage and GHG emissions with the exception of the first reporting year
  • Methodologies used in calculations

Regulatory requirements

Quoted and large unquoted companies and LLPs are required to comply with SECR with the following requirements.

Quoted companies

Large unquoted companies and LLPs

Annual GHG emissions from activities for which the company is responsible including combustion of fuel and operation of any facility; and the annual emissions from the purchase of electricity, heat, steam or cooling by the company for its own use

UK energy use (as a minimum gas, electricity and transport, including UK offshore area)

Underlying global energy use

Associated greenhouse gas emissions

Previous year’s figures for energy use and GHG

Previous year’s figures for energy use and GHG emissions

At least one intensity ratio

At least one intensity ratio

Energy efficiency action taken

Energy efficiency action taken

Methodology used

Methodology used

Who is exempt?

Those businesses with energy consumption of less than 40,000 kWh per annum are exempt from reporting due to low energy usage.

SECR cost

All our survey and certification work is provided on a quote by quote basis, please contact us using the below information to discuss your no obligation free quote today.

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