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Energy efficiency investment and invest to save

The energy required to heat and power UK buildings currently accounts for 40% of national energy usage, this has environmental implications and is a substantial cost to businesses. There is a financial and environmental imperative to reduce the energy used by businesses but this has to be done without affecting productivity.

Energy efficiency technologies enable organisations to heat and power their building as before or to higher standard at a much lower cost and resulting in far fewer harmful emissions. Energy efficiency projects such as upgrades to heating, air-conditioning and lighting systems will also improve the thermal comfort and lighting of buildings ensuring increased wellbeing for building users.

Energy Services can provide a range of services to customers wishing to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and sites, services include:

  • Energy assessments to identify a range of potential projects
  • Project Management to deliver projects on site to time, budget and quality
  • Identification of funding streams, subsidies or financial models to reduce payback periods or fully cover costs
  • Procurement support to ensure that regulations are met and value for money and quality is achieved
  • Business case development and feasibility studies to assess the viability of projects

Investing in efficiency projects not only creates bill savings, but can also:

reduce maintenance costs

cut carbon emissions

improve asset value

improve wellbeing of building users

Replicating Success

We have had a lot of successes in deploying innovative technologies across Nottingham City Council's operational sites. We've reduced the council's energy bill by over £900,000 year-on-year and developed award winning projects. Our award winning projects include:

  • Newstead Abbey - installing new LED lighting in a complex heritage setting
  • Wollaton Hall – replacing an inefficient and costly heating system with an energy efficient and low cost option
  • Leisure Centres – installing a range of energy saving technologies across our leisure centre portfolio including pool covers, “Circosense” hot water management system, variable speed drives, Combined Heat and Power, and Solar PV.

At Wollaton Hall we are really conscious of the environmental impact that running a large building can have. Energy Services found a solution that was right for our unique building and it was delivered within a tight budget. Ultimately, we saved money and lowered our carbon emissions. As well as achieving this the LED lights have a much longer life span and with over 350 upgraded light bulbs this improvement has saved many man hours on maintenance.

Mo Allahi | Operations Manager at Wollaton Hall

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