Large & multi-site organisations

UK businesses are missing out on billions of pounds in energy bill savings.

With change comes an opportunity

Whether it is about improving commercial performance, reducing risks associated with
rising energy costs and compliance, unlocking new revenue streams, upgrading systems, or demonstrating a forward thinking approach to the future of energy, the opportunity to businesses is significant.

Generate Your OWN Electricity

Generating your own electricity from renewable energy sources will make a huge impact on your energy bills. Energy Services help organisations to develop an understanding of the most appropriate energy sources and cost effective technologies for their buildings and develop sustainable businesses models to deliver these.

The cheapest energy is the energy you don't use
We have had a lot of successes in deploying innovative technologies across Nottingham City Council's operational sites. We've reduced the council's energy bill by over £900,000 year-on-year and developed award winning projects that reduce energy consumption without compromising on output or service level.

Enhance CSR & green credentials

Switching to renewable energy will ensure your buildings reduce carbon emissions, contribute towards better air quality and reduce the demand for non-renewable fossil fuels. A recent Government survey found that almost 80% of the UK public supported renewable energy and over 70% were concerned about climate change. Developing renewable energy projects for your business is a great way of building trust and brand appreciation with your customers and stakeholders.

Whether you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of a particular site or want to take an overarching organisational approach and develop a comprehensive energy strategy and implementation plan we can help you.