Local SMEs

We help SMEs reduce their energy costs to achieve year-on-year savings

Supporting SMEs to be smart energy consumers

Small and medium sized businesses have a lot to gain from harnessing control of their energy. One of the great things about energy efficiency is that, once you make savings, they go straight to the bottom line and they stay there, year after year. Even if the return on some measures might not seem overly impressive at first, it’s worth considering how many extra sales you’d need to make the same amount of profit. And it doesn’t stop there – energy saving comes hand-in-hand with other benefits.

  • Increased profitability
  • Ability to win new contracts, especially with the public sector
  • A more comfortable working environment
  • Reduced energy bills can be used to fund new jobs
  • Improved environmental performance will enhance your company’s green credentials
  • Reducing your exposure to future energy price rises
  • Improve your cash flow

“Almost a third of small firms highlight the cost of energy as a barrier to the growth and success of their business. Finding energy efficiency savings is the single best way of reducing these costs over the long-term. Small businesses need all the support and information they can get to help to make these Introduction savings wherever possible". John Allan, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses.

We have a variety of solutions aimed at small and medium businesses from heating and lighting upgrades, regulatory support and renewable energy systems with no start-up costs.