Public Sector

With change comes an opportunity...

Leading by Example

The public sector is facing change on an unprecedented scale. But with change comes an opportunity to adapt and refine the way services are delivered. Energy presents a great opportunity to help control spend, create local jobs and investment opportunities and meet climate change responsibilities.

Under the pathway set out in the Government’s recent Clean Growth Strategy to meet the UK’s fourth and fifth carbon budgets, the public sector will need to cut its current emissions levels in half over the next 15 years. The public sector can – and should – show other sectors what is possible. Collective action at scale helps to shift the market for more sustainable products and services: building skills, cutting costs, and pushing private sector organisations into making similar changes themselves.

Energy Services are a leading public sector organisation in terms of energy efficiency and energy generation. 
We offer your organisation…

  • Decades of experience of working within public sector organisations
  • Expert knowledge of public sector finance options
  • Best value solutions
  • Tried and tested cutting edge low carbon technologies

Whether you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of a particular site or want to take an overarching organisational approach and develop a comprehensive energy strategy and implementation plan we can help you.

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